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PE at Garland

Statement of Curriculum Intent for PE 

The PE curriculum at Garland Junior School supports the whole school curriculum rationale. When teaching PE, our intent is to: 

  • To promote enjoyment of fitness and sport to improve physical and mental well-being.  

  • To use PE as a means of developing different physical skills in a safe environment. 

  • To model positive teamwork in PE through a variety of activities in order to develop language of communication. 

This is facilitated by using a scheme of work that offers a range of skills progression throughout the school in different areas of PE. The range of plans and resources provide opportunity for challenge and inclusivity for all abilities.  

PE will offer children a chance to; 

  • develop and challenge individual skills 

  • learn about teamwork and collaboration 

  • understand the positive physical and mental effects of participating in sport and physical activity 

Through the PE curriculum, children will also be given an opportunity to participate in competitions in and out of school, thus continuing to build confidence and teamwork.  

PE is taught twice a week and is viewed as an important curriculum area that focusses on the well-being, as well as the individual development, of each child.  

PE Curriculum Overview

Image of PE timetable
Determination, Respect, Teamwork
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