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NEW! From 25th January, we will be running live story-telling sessions at 9am and 3pm daily. Find 'The Book Buffet' in your teams to take part...

Book Buffet

In the event of partial or full school closure, remote learning will be delivered for all pupils using Microsoft Teams

Below you will find an overview of remote learning at Garland Junior School.

Please access the documents for instructions on how to join Teams and get your child set up with home learning.

If you do not have internet access, and/or a device at home to access remote lessons, please contact the school directly and support will be provided to enable your child to continue learning.

The curriculum content of our remote lessons mirrors, as closely as possible, the curriculum that would be covered in school. This is possible due to the timetabling of 4 live lessons a day for all pupils.

Here are some exemplar materials showing how planning has been sequenced in Year 5:

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