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Latest Parent Survey

118 responses received Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Don't know
Visions and values          
The school listens to the pupils 21% 67% 4%   8%
My child enjoys school 40% 52% 5%   3%
Children are treated fairly 24% 61% 8% 2% 5%
The school welcomes parents & visitors 47% 51% 1%   1%
The school deals effectively with bullying 20% 54% 6% 2% 18%
My child has someone to go to if they need help 33% 59% 2%   6%
My child feels safe at school 47% 51% 2%    
Teaching and Learning          
My child is taught well at school 34% 62% 2%   2%
The curriculum is interesting 27% 64% 2%   7%
The school expects the children to work hard and do their best 46% 51% 1%   2%
The school encourages the children to be independent 41% 52% 1% 1% 5%
The school gives me enough information about my child's progress 24% 61% 10% 2% 3%
The school values achievement 31% 67% 1%   1%
My child receives appropriate homework for their age 22% 58% 15% 2% 3%
Parental involvement          
The school communicates well with parents 31% 59% 7% 2% 1%
The staff team are approachable and accessible 39% 57% 2%   2%
The school website gives good information 20% 64% 2%   14%
The school responds well to the concerns I raise 26% 60% 3% 1% 10%
Extra-curricular activities          
The school helps working parents 18% 54% 4%   24%
The school provides an interesting range of clubs 12% 58% 13% 2% 15%
The current Funzone hours are suitable for working parents 25% 50%     25%


School Vision

Believe in yourself 68
Challenge your limit 13
We can, we will, watch us! 19
Didn't complete 18


What does Garland do well?

'Working together to achieve the best from all pupils' 'Actively discourages bullying'  'Excellent SENCo helped me in so many ways'              'Opportunities to try new skills'    'Keeping pupils safe'                           'Offers extra support when children are struggling' 'Keeping lessons fun and interesting'                                                               'Accessible staff'   'Strives to improve and really supports students'           'Well run by Head and Deputy'   'Encourages the children to do their best'                                            'Good reward system'   'Polite and welcoming reception staff'                          'Helps my child when he needs it'   'Makes new pupils feel welcome - good transition'                                  'Inclusive school'   'Celebrates achievement of all sorts'                                  'Provides a caring environment'   'Mr Foster has been excellent in helping my son'              'Challenging and supporting'  'Encourages its children to reach their potential'                                'Sharing assemblies'   'Listens to parents concerns'                                       'Teaches children to be independent'  'Creative curriculum'                'Warm, welcoming school which values the whole child'  'Communicates what is going on, what my children are doing and have achieved'         'Great learning environment in which my child has done really well'                     'Clubs'   'Christmas production'                                           'Good preparation for secondary school'  'Head presence and availability'                                  'The staff and teachers are excellent'  'Good teachers and support staff'                                      'Has a great sense of community'  'Newsletters'                                               'Makes her feel she can do and achieve anything'  'Strong leadership'                     'Good relationships with parents and local community'   'Amazing school'                                                          'Opportunities to  learn an instrument'  'Good variety of trips'                                                                                           'Attention to detail'  

The school would be even better if...         

'Behaviour was consistent throughout the school'                 'Zero tolerance of bullying'   'There was more control of badly behaved children'   'The curriculum was expanded'  'A firmer stance was taken on the behaviour of a minority of children'                               'It didn't favour certain students who get preferential treatment'                                           'Our children were given strategies to deal with disruptive classmates'                              'There was more frequent communication regarding my SEN child's progress'               'There was more advice from the SENCo to enable parents to support their children' 'There was more support for SEN'           'I could get in touch with the SENCo quicker'    'There was more ICT/access to computers'                              'School dinners improved'  'More after school activities/wider range of clubs including non-sporting'                        '10 mins difference between Garland and Mrs Bland's is not sufficient'                             'Better library provision'                                      'More sports teams/outside competition' 'It marked events such as World Book Day'                         'Homework was more varied'  'There was more information regarding support for forces children'                                   'There was more homework for upper school to prepare for secondary school'               'There were rewards for completing homework/reading at home'                                    'Funzone provided breakfast'                          'There was regular allocated reading time'   'Parents were given expected targets for the year/term'                                  


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