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Our Curriculum

Please find attached a document giving details of the curriculum we follow at Garland Junior School. It explains how we cover the National Curriculum requirements in each year group, includes cross-curricular links and highlights any additional learning expectations. For more information, or if you have any questions regarding what we do, please speak to your child's teacher.

In addition, Outdoor Learning is used at Garland to support teaching across the curriculum. Each week, puils spend time learning outdoors to enhance their learning experiences.


Promoting British Values

In line with the 2011 Prevent Strategy, Garland Junior School actively promotes British values. The document below shows how we do this in our setting.

Sex and Relationships

Please find below the curriculum plans for each year group. Sex and Relationships Education is taught as part of our PSHE curriculum. You can read the PSHE policy on the policy page of the website. If you have any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accelerated Reader

We started using Accelerated Reader in July 2017 as a result of a recommendation from another school. Garland had seen good results in reading for the most confident pupils, but insufficient progress for those who did not read regularly at home.

On introducing the programme, the enthusiasm from pupils was palpable. Twelve months on this is still very much the case. The children enjoy the sense of success they get from reading regularly and scoring points for their quiz questions. We recognise their achievements each week by issuing certificates for the highest number of points per class, the highest word count, and those who have achieved 250,000 words, 500,000 words and 1 million words.

The impact of introducing the scheme has been increased engagement with reading for all pupil groups, including those who had previously struggled. The competitive element certainly helps with this!

We are now one of the top 10% users of Accelerated Reader in the country and have been asked to become a Champion School for them - you will be able to see us on their website.   


This year has seen us make some really positive steps in the teaching of maths at Garland. The staff have had training from the School Improvement Advisor for West Berkshire and been kept up to date with new methods in teaching fluency and progression. Some have been on a DfE funded course looking at how to improve teaching using the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach which requires children to look at operations in physical form. Concrete could mean using bricks to count, Pictorial could mean drawing groups of things and abstract is the sum itself which will then have more context and meaning. This approach particularly helps those who favour a more practical form of learning.

Our recent inspection noted there had been 'improvements in the teaching of mathematics' and this is something we will continue to work on, focusing on more challenging tasks for greater depth learners as well as more practical and problem solving type activities.      

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