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Sports Premium Funding 2017 - 2018

The following information details how we spend our sport premium funding, our aims and objectives and the outcomes so far.

Our objectives are:

 To improve PE and sports provision available to pupils at Garland Junior School.

 To increase participation of all pupils in physical activity.

 To provide a dedicated Sports Enrichment Week.

To provide a wide range of exciting and challenging resources to encourage children to participate in a range of sports.

Summary of spending actions:

Part of the total grant of £18,210 for 2017-2018 (£10,623) was received in October 2017, the remaining balance will be received by the school in the 2018 summer term. We also have a carry forward of £10,018.86 from 2016-2107. This money is for the school to use to fund sports projects and increase the sporting participation of all pupils.

We have bought into the PE Hub UK scheme of work providing lesson plans and resources to ensure all teachers have success criteria and assessment opportunities in all areas of PE and Sport teaching. This scheme also allows the school to have access to high standard PE lesson plans and resources for instruction. 

As a school we havc again decided to enter West Berkshire Sports Partnership competitions from January 2018. The Sports Partnership allows us access to a range of sporting events and competitions, allowing as many children as possible the chance to represent their school in a sporting environment. We feel with this and the PE Hub UK we are providing a secure, cost effective future for our PE department.

We have researched and bought into a gymnastics scheme of work provided by Fitness for Sports resulting in an ex-international gymnast coming into school to give all children exciting and stimulating lessons over seven weeks and developing staff confidence and skills. 

We have allocated money to purchase new sports equipment and to update exisiting equipment.

We are working with external agencies to offer extra curricular clubs to children at reduced rates.

Outcomes to date:

Positive survey feedback from pupils about teaching and coaching.

75% of pupils surveyed say they are making good progress in PE and 100% say lessons are safe and interesting. All year groups have stated they would like the gymnastics coach to return.

Spending by item/project 2017-2018

 Fitness for Sports - £2100.00   

1.To increase the range of sports on offer to the children and increase the opportunities on offer in school.

2.To ensure that staff are able to access high quality Continuing Professional Development for PE linked to the updated PE curriculum.

3.To access sports coaches to improve gymnastics in the school.

6.To help increase participation and motivation.

PE Hub UK scheme of work - £230.00                           

1. Lesson plans to offer a whole school solution for preparedness to teach high quality PE and school sport ensuring high quality learning.

2. Lesson intentions: giving clear intentions and clear links to learning activities throughout lessons.

3. Success criteria to help pupils recognise their own progress and success.

4. Numeracy and Literacy links to give pupils opportunities to apply their numeracy and literacy skills in a practical way to help reinforce cross-curricular learning.

5. National Curriculum links: each lesson is linked directly to the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 subject content. 

 Sports equipment - £824.62                       

Including basketball nets and various balls 

Total spent as at 17.11.17: £3154.62

Balance: £25074.24



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